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Online Testing

Looking for a way to host your state/provincial competition online? Below are some suggestions for virtual testing platforms:

  • Subscription service with affordable options
  • Variety of question types - multiple choice, multiple select multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer/essay
  • Questions are graded automatically, except for short answer/essay
  • Short answer/essay questions must be graded by hand, and final grade must be calculated by hand to include short answer questions in point total
  • Ability to upload training content, though training videos must first be uploaded to another hosting platform, such as YouTube
  • Does not have the capability for students to upload files
  • Recommendation: Good platform for state/provincial Envirothon tests and training

    Google Classroom
  • Free (for teachers) and paid versions
  • Google Meet for online learning (training and/or oral presentations)
  • Exams can be scheduled, timed, and scored automatically
  • Students/advisors can be provided with a code to access the test
  • Recommended by the NY Envirothon

    Class Marker
  • Free (with limited features) and subscription versions
  • Variety of question types, with some short answer/essay capability
  • Partial credit allowed
  • Does not have capability for file uploads
  • Recommendation: Fair platform for state/provincial Envirothon tests

    Exam Builder
  • Subscription service - different pricing options depending on number of users and storage requirements
  • Question types available (with automatic grading) - Multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, multiple select multiple choice
  • Does NOT allow short answer or essay questions
  • Workaround for short answer/essay questions: Have students email answers to short answer/essay questions directly to test grader
  • NOT recommended for tests with many short answer questions
  • No partial credit allowed with their scoring system
  • Recommendation: Decent platform for multiple choice questions, but limited capacity for short answer questions

  • Free and subscription versions available
  • Ability to upload training videos to the site
  • Testing/Quiz features are limited
  • Recommendation: Good for training portions of Envirothon competitions, but testing features lack essential elements

  • Community version of software available for free
  • To use the Community version, you need to be able to host the test on your own servers
  • Many testing features
  • Paid version is expensive
  • Recommendation: Good testing application if you have an IT department and server capacity, otherwise not feasible

Oral Presentations

Can students give an oral presentation while social distancing? Yes! Here’s how:

  • Video/audio conferencing and presentation application
  • Free and paid versions available
  • Screen sharing options
  • Ability to share powerpoint while giving presentation
  • Care must be taken to ensure that all group members are heard on audio if all are in the same room
  • Specific meeting ID can be generated
  • No account requirements for attendees - only whomever sets up the meeting
  • One administrator must be present to start the meeting
  • Q&A portion of Oral Presentation possible
  • Speaker view or Gallery view for attendees
  • Requires stable internet connection
  • Recommendation: Good option for oral presentation if teams and judges all have sufficient internet bandwidth

    Google Hangouts
  • Free with a Google Account, but all participants must have a Google Account
  • Potential for problems with anonymity since email addresses are used
  • Only speaker view available
  • Video calls for up to 10 people (basic Gmail) or 25 people (Education or Business Accounts)
  • Allows for Q&A from judges
  • Requires stable internet connection
  • Recommendation: Not the best application for presentations, but will work with modifications if teams and judges all have sufficient internet bandwidth

  • Teams can upload a video to YouTube, mark it as private, and share it with judges via email
  • Videos would be pre-recorded, so no built in Q&A
  • Judges could grade presentations whenever convenient - not locked into a meeting time like with live conferencing
  • Internet connectivity not as much of an issue as with live conferencing
  • Recommendation: Good option for pre-recorded presentations

    Education Resources

    Are you looking for educational resources to keep your Envirothon teams engaged during the quarantine? Check out these educational resources developed by some Envirothon programs and some general environmental science resources, tools and contests to keep your teams engaged, educated and ready for the 2021 competition season!

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