Partner Resources

Whether you are learning or teaching in-person or at a distance, below is a list of educational resources from Envirothon partners that may aid an Envirothon team in their studies!

Envirothon Resources from state/provincial Envirothon programs:

  • Massachusetts Envirothon - Massachusetts Envirothon developed activity based on the 2020 current issue to continue to engage students while distance learning
  • North Carolina Envirothon - training videos and podcasts for teams in each subject area
  • The Pennsylvania Envirothon - training videos for Wildlife and Soils, found under the "Learning Enhancements" tab:
  • Manitoba Envirothon - resources and training videos for the different natural resource topics from the Manitoba Envirothon, Manitoba Forestry Association, and Frontier School Division
  • Connecticut Envirothon - interactive resources for the natural resource areas
  • Ontario Envirothon - training videos/webinars

Educational Tools:

  • - Interactive website about common freshwater Macroinvertebrates in eastern North America, including identification keys, training materials, and practice quizzes
  • The Feather Atlas - North American Birds - A guide to identifying flight feathers for North American birds
  • The Cornell Lab - Merlin Bird ID - An excellent app for bird identification

General Environmental Science Resources: