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October 26, 2018
Texas Envirothon October 2019
October 8, 2019
March 2019
Congratulations to Kevin Willis for winning The Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star Teacher Award presented by Chevron, Pirates Charities, and The Grable Foundation!
Kevin Willis, Science teacher at Carmichaels Area High School for 23 years, was recognized for the contributions he makes to students both inside his classroom and district-wide. Mr. Willis’ passion for teaching and mentoring students made him a standout among the 320 other teacher applications.

Mr. Willis teaches a variety of students within the High School. His environmental science class drives the school’s Envirothon team. He mentors students for 4 years with the environmental science classes to create award-winning teams. He uses the competition structure to create students that are not only knowledgeable about environmental issues but also grow skills that will follow them through life.

Recently Lorelle Steach, PA Envirothon state coordinator spoke with Mr. Willis and asked him if he competed in Envirothon?
“Yes, I competed in 1990 /91 my team place 11th and 4th – 4th place was the highest Green County score until 2006 when we placed 2nd. I always wanted a team that I coached to beat my team record.” Read more on Kevin Willis Award.

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