2022 NCF-Envirothon Ohio

Competition Study Resources
July 24-30, 2022

Hosted by the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Competition Rules

2022 Competition Rules and Guidelines

All team members, advisors, chaperones and guests should be familiar with the official NCF-Envirothon Annual Competition Rules and Regulations, as well as the 2022 NCF-Envirothon Ohio Competition Oral Presentation Rules, Guidelines and Procedures.
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2022 NCF-Envirothon Ohio Study Resources

Learning Objectives and Resource Guides for the 5 Areas of Study

Please Note:
  • Any hyperlinks within the study resources are supplemental material ONLY. They may be used for additional information, but are not required study resources.
  • Linked files are large and may take time to download depending on your connection speed!

Current Issue Station:

Please Note:
  • There are TWO (2) sections of study resources for Current Issues: Part A and Part B (below)
  • BOTH sections will be used for the Current Issue test and oral presentation!
2022 Current Issues Study Resources - Part A [pdf]
Resources from a local (Ohio), regional (mid-western U.S.), national (U.S.A.), and global perspecive.
2022 Current Issues Study Resources - Part B [pdf]
Resources more specific to Ohio, but may have broader application.