Rules & Regulations

NATIONAL CONSERVATION FOUNDATION ENVIROTHON ANNUAL COMPETITION RULES AND REGULATIONS (Adopted February 11, 2020) The National Conservation Foundation Envirothon (NCFE) Annual Competition will be conducted under the following rules and regulations, as provided by the National Conservation Foundation (NCF), the National Conservation Foundation Envirothon Operating Committee (NCFEOC), and the Host (group assigned to coordinate and deliver the NCFE Annual Competition). I. Team Eligibility Requirements 1. The NCFE Annual Competition is open to students enrolled in grades 9 - 12 and who reach age 14 – 19 by August 8 of the current competition year. Non-traditional schools and youth organizations must follow the grade level and age limitations as set above. 2. Each Member (in good standing as per policy) of Envirothon is entitled to send one team to the current year’s NCFE Annual Competition. a. Each team will consist of five students from the same school, non-traditional school, or youth organization. All teams must be sponsored and certified by a NCFE state/provincial representative. b. Team members and any substitutions must have participated in a current year’s Envirothon program/training prior to their state/provincial competition in order to compete at the NCFE Annual Competition. c. All teams must be affiliated with their local conservation district or an equivalent conservation agency. d. As part of the online registration and to be eligible to participate in the NCFE Annual Competition, all team members, advisors/chaperones, volunteers, guests, and NCFE state/provincial representatives and staff must read, agree to, and sign the NCFE Rules and Regulations. 3. All team registration fees must be paid in full prior to arrival on the Host campus unless arrangements have been made in advance with NCF. Team registration, set by the Host, is due by March 31 of each year. Team registration fees paid after April 1, but before the closing registration date (to be determined by the Host) will incur an additional $150 fee. 4. All registration forms listing the names and other information of team members, advisors/chaperones, and guests must be submitted by the date set by the NCFEOC and Host and provided as directed to the NCFE. All students, advisors/chaperones, and guests must be registered with the NCFE to participate in the NCFE Annual Competition. 5. Each team must be accompanied by adult team advisor(s) and/or public agency or Conservation District Representative(s). a. Each team must provide for an adult male, age 21 or older, to chaperone male team members and an adult female, age 21 or older, to chaperone female team members. b. Advisors/chaperones are only permitted to chaperone students from their own state/province. c. Team members and advisors/chaperones are required to participate in the lodging and meal service provided by the Host.
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