NCF-Envirothon iNaturalist Project

Get outside with iNaturalist! - The NCF-Envirothon iNaturalist project is an exciting distance engagement opportunity designed to help continue the hands-on, experiential learning that is foundational to the Envirothon program. iNaturalist offers a unique platform for ecological exploration and education, and it can be easily incorporated into Envirothon trainings and activities, even at a distance!
To help advisors and students make the most of the iNaturalist experience and connect it to your Envirothon training, we are developing a series of Activity Guides (lesson plans) geared towards the Envirothon focus areas of: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils/Land Use and Wildlife. Explore the guides by clicking on the tabs below.

NCF-Envirothon iNaturalist Project - Activity Guides

Get your students outside and learning in the field with the Forestry Ecosystem Exploration iNaturalist Activity! This guide and accompanying worksheets provide a lesson plan framework that you can adapt for your Envirothon team. Concepts covered include biotic and abiotic factors, species richness, species abundance, species evenness, generalist and specialist species, adaptations, disturbance and diversity. This activity can be broken into multiple sessions.
  • Advisor Guide - step-by-step instructions for leading the activity, definitions of key terms, extension questions and essential skills for students. updated 9/23/21
  • Student Guide - provides instructions for the students, so that they can complete the activity semi-independently if you are not able to gather in the same physical location.
  • Data Sheet - to be used by the students to collect data on a chosen site.
  • Site Comparison Sheet - to be used by the student, team or class to discuss your findings.
This activity is correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards, the AP Environmental Science curriculum, and NAAEE's Environmental Education Strands. Please refer to your state/provincial Envirothon program's learning objectives, curriculum and resources for your specific competition requirements.

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iNaturalist Project
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