Areas of Study

The NCF-Envirothon is an environmental and natural resource conservation competition that builds leadership experience for high school students (grades 9-12 or ages 14-19) across the United States, Canada and China. Incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles, problem-solving scenarios, experiential learning and hands-on outdoor field experiences, the Envirothon program encourages students to expand their knowledge, explore the field of environmental science and find solutions to natural resource conservation issues.
The Envirothon emphasizes five main areas of study:
Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils and Land Use, Wildlife and a Current Environmental Issue(aka Current Issue that changes each year.)
(Click on the Areas of Study to the right to see the Learning Objectives for each!)
Recognizing the vast scope and scale of knowledge within each subject, the NCF-Envirothon has developed a set of Learning Objectives for each area of study. These Learning Objectives clarify the educational goals of the Envirothon program and serve as a guide for students and advisors competing in the NCF-Envirothon annual international competition. In addition, they can assist participating state, provincial and partner nation Envirothon programs in developing their own curricula.

Learning Objectives

Click on the Areas of Study to the right to see the Learning Objectives for each!

The main purpose of the NCF-Envirothon Learning Objectives is three-fold:
  1. To outline what skills and knowledge are needed to be successful at the NCF-Envirothon annual international competition,
  2. To guide state, provincial and partner nation Envirothon programs in developing their own learning objectives and curricula, and
  3. To provide a comprehensive framework for the development of future NCF-Envirothon educational materials and competition tests.
These Learning Objectives were developed with an international focus in mind, with respect to the vast diversity of ecosystems of the countries, states and provinces participating in the NCF-Envirothon program.

Learning objectives from over ten states and provinces with well-established Envirothon programs were reviewed and referenced. In addition, resource material and test questions from past NCF-Envirothon annual competitions were reviewed to capture reoccurring topics, themes and concepts that students were tested on. Finally, in order to make sure these Learning Objectives were comprehensive, understandable, teachable and within the scope of knowledge required for teams at the international competition, they have been reviewed by a group of Envirothon advisors and educators across the US and Canada.
Please Note:
If you are a new Envirothon team or Advisor (who has never trained or competed before), please check with your local State or Provincial Envirothon Program representative before you begin team trainings based on these Learning Objectives. Your local program may have their own learning objectives that students are expected to know that differ from those listed below. Every team that competes at the NCF-Envirothon annual international competition has to FIRST qualify by winning their local state, provincial or partner nation Envirothon competition, so team training should focus on information, resources and/or learning objectives developed for that competition-level.