The 2021 Competition

Virtual NCF-Envirothon Nebraska
July 25 - July 28, 2021

Hosted by the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts

The News


On July 28, the New York team from Esopus, New York, was named the champion of the 2021 National Conservation Foundation (NCF)-Envirothon, an international environmental and natural resources education competition for high schoolers. READ MORE

2021 Current Issue

Water Resources Management: Local Control and Local Solutions
2021 Current Issues Excerpt:

"Nebraska is fortunate to sit atop the Ogallala aquifer, one of the largest unconfined aquifers in the world. This natural resource provides drinking water for most of the state and has enabled Nebraska to lead the country as the #1 irrigated state, helping to sustain agriculture as the states leading industry. Managing and protecting this resource is the responsibility of Nebraska’s unique local Natural Resources Districts (NRDs). While NRDs have maintained groundwater levels near pre-development levels, competing uses and variable supplies have placed additional management requirements on locally elected policy makers.

Students will learn the concepts of how water is managed in Nebraska, and how the local Natural Resources District system works to address integrated water management challenges."