2023 Registration

Completed Team Forms

Each TEAM must submit the following:
  • Student Team Member Registration form - 5 total (not including any substitution candidates)
  • Advisor/Chaperone Registration form - up to 2 total (if team is mixed gender)
  • Medical/Insurance Information form - up to 7 total (1 per Student Team Member + 1 per Advisor/Chaperone; not including any substitution candidates)
  • Team Information Form - 1 per team
  • Team Travel Itinerary - 1 per team
  • Team Certification Form - 1 per team - to be submitted by the state/provincial/partner nation Envirothon program Representative
The spreadsheet below is a tally of submitted TEAM Registration forms and will be updated by staff daily through the June 10th deadline. Please check periodically to determine which forms your team needs to submit before the deadline.


Student Team Members and Team Advisors/Chaperones - Due by June 10, 2023 2

EACH team member and team advisor/chaperone must complete the following forms (click the icons above to go to the forms).
Student* Team Members must submit 2 forms:
1. Team Member Information form
2. Medical/Insurance Information form
Advisors/Chaperone must submit 4 forms:
1. Advisor/Chaperone Information form
2. Medical/Insurance Information form
3. Team Information form (only 1 per team)
4. Team Travel Itinerary form (only 1 per team)
Team registration is INCOMPLETE until ALL forms have been submitted! Failure of any team member or advisor/chaperone to submit each required form by the deadline will result in the TEAM's disqualification!

*Students, if you are under the age of 18, please have a parent or legal guardian present to complete these forms - their contact information and signature will be required!

Envirothon program Representatives - Due by June 10, 2023 2

To be completed by the state, provincial, or partner nation Envirothon program Representative to certify that the team members, including optional substitution candidates, and the team Advisors/Chaperone meet eligibility requirements of NCF-Envirothon Competition Rules and Regulations.

1 Team Registration Fee Deadline is May 26, 2023 for all Envirothon programs (even if your state/provincial competition is after this date). Team member names and information are not needed to meet the deadline. By submitting this payment you are securing a spot for your TBD team to participate in the 2023 NCF-Envirothon New Brunswick competition. Team Registrations submitted after May 26th may incur a $150 Late Fee.
Students, Team Advisors/Chaperones, and Guests from Maine, Ohio, and Maryland have an additional 7 days from the conclusion of their state Envirothon competition to complete all Required Registration Forms:
a. Maine - due on June 14
b. Ohio - due on June 20
c. Maryland - due on June 23