NCF-Envirothon Organizational Structure

The Envirothon® is a multi-level program consisting of in-class curriculum with hands-on outdoor field experiences, where students can learn natural resource management techniques from natural resource professionals. At all levels of competition, the Envirothon program encourages students to think critically and creatively about the natural world and their place in it.

The NCF-Envirothon is a program of the National Conservation Foundation (NCF), a 501(c)3 organization that works to develop the next generation of conservation leaders. The NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee is appointed by the NCF to provide support, guidance, expertise and more on the direction of the NCF-Envirothon program and competition.

Working in partnership with conservation agencies, organizations and educational institutions, Envirothon programs are organized and conducted across the United States, Canada and China each year. These state/provincial/partner nation programs are the first level of the broader NCF-Envirothon experience.

Extensive organization and planning are required at all levels to ensure the success of the Envirothon . All organizational levels of the Envirothon program must work together to promote the program, raise funds to cover program expenses, organize and conduct Envirothon competitions, and recruit advisors and teams to participate in the program.

National Conservation Foundation

The mission of the National Conservation Foundation (NCF) is to identify and advance strategic programs and partnerships to deliver conservation solutions through locally led conservation and to develop the next generation of conservation leaders. The vision of the National Conservation Foundation is to support delivery of locally led conservation and to create future conservation leaders.
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NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee

The NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee is comprised of elected representatives from the five Envirothon regions in North America: Southeast, Northeast, Far West, Midwest and Canada, as well as one representative from the National Conservation Foundation board. The Operating Committee provides recommendations to the NCF Board of Trustees regarding the direction of the NCF-Envirothon program. They work to update educational guidelines and curriculum, as well as competition frameworks to aid the states and provinces in better serving their educators and students.

The Operating Committee is comprised of 11-13 members, with two members appointed from each of the five Envirothon regions (10) and (1-3) at large members. The purpose of the Operating Committee is to:
  • provide recommendations to the NCF- Executive as requested
  • assist the host state/province in promoting, organizing and conducting the Envirothon international competition
  • encourage the recruitment of teams and the development of state, provincial, local/regional programs and competitions
  • seek new activities and educational materials for training advisors and teams
  • develop rules and policies for conducting the program.
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State, Provincial and Partner Nation Envirothon Programs

The first step for any team participating in the NCF-Envirothon is to participate in their local state, provincial or national Envirothon competition!

NCF-Envirothon Member Programs (state, provincial and partner nation Envirothon programs) will organize and conduct their own local Envirothon educational programs and competitions each year. The Envirothon is structured to allow participating member programs maximum flexibility to individualize their competitions to suit local needs and opportunities, but all will consist of high school students, grades 9-12 (ages 14-19), studying and testing in the five areas of study: aquatic ecology, forestry, soils/land use, wildlife and current environmental issues.

(Within some state and provincial programs, the local Envirothon program may include smaller “regional” or “area” competitions that serve as qualifying events for their state-wide or provincialwide competitions. Additionally, some may also offer Middle School Envirothon competitions for students.)

Guided by an Advisor (often a teacher, mentor, parent, natural resource professional or other educator), students work in teams of five to develop knowledge and skills to excel in the competitions.

The State, Provincial and Partner Nation Envirothon competitions are the qualifying event for participating in the NCF-Envirothon annual international competition. The winning team from each is eligible to attend the NCF-Envirothon for recognition, awards and scholarships.

All NCF-Envirothon annual international competition participants will have first participated in their local state, provincial or partner nation Envirothon competition.

To learn more about the State, Provincial and Partner Nation Envirothon Programs, or to find the Envirothon program where you live, click on the below links: